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Top 10 python courses on Udemy

Python is a great programming language and I just love it. It’s easy to learn and it’s widely used in various fields of technology. This makes it the ideal programming language to learn and become a master at. In this post, the top python courses on Udemy are shared.

Right from the web development to backend applications, python has its place. It is also at the forefront of machine learning field, taking artificial intelligence and data analytics to a whole new level. Now is the right time to learn python and decided to gather all the free Udemy courses to help you get started.

Once you check these courses out, leave a comment sharing the course you have picked to start with and the reason for it.

If the courses that you want aren’t free, then don’t worry. there is a Sitewide-10dollars offer for a limited time.

NOTE: As most of the sale is over, these courses are NO longer free. You can still go ahead and purchase them as they are some of the best courses for python available online.

You can avail any of the courses below just for $20. use the coupon code for March 2017: UDEMARCH while purchasing the course.

So,  here are top 10 Udemy courses to learn python:

I) Python course for beginners.From Scratch to Expert

  1. The Python Bible Everything You Need to Program in Python (link)
    python bible

II) Beginner’s course with examples and small projects

    1. Python Training for Beginners – Learn Python with Exercises (link)
      python with examples.png


  1. Learn Python, it’s CAKE Beginners (link)
    cake walk python

III) Python With Networking and network Programming

  1. Python Network Programming – Part 1: Build 7 Python Apps (link)
    python networking

IV) Python on the web

  1. Python Web Programming (link)
    python final

V) Introduction to python  and basics for Beginners

      1. Python Tutorial for Absolute Beginners (link)absl beginners


    1. Introduction To Python for beginners
      intro to python


    1. Learn Python for Beginners! (link)
      beginning python


  1. Python 1000: The Python Primer (link)
    python primer

Are you an intermediate or an advanced python developer?

The courses above though free are mostly aimed at beginners and structured that way. If you are serious about getting better at python then these courses will not help much. They will teach you what you already know.  So, here are some courses that you can invest for yourself to get the best new knowledge in programming in python.

  1. Intermediate course for python 1 (click on the image below):
  2. Intermediate course for python 2 (click on the image below):

Now that you have got a chance to view all the python courses, comment on the one which you have picked and do share the reason for selecting it.

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