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Akshay is a very talented and a professional writer who knows how to present his thoughts to the readers.
No matter what needs to be written he always makes a thorough research prior.
I love reading his articles and especially his technical blog www.sourcedexter.com where I learn something new each time.
The way he explains technology is very easily understandable for everyone.
Looking forward to each and every new article or a blog.

akshay pai

I am a data science engineer and I love working on machine learning problems. I have experience in computer vision, OCR and NLP. I love writing and sharing my knowledge with others. This is why I created Source Dexter. Here I write about Python, Machine Learning, and Raspberry Pi the most. I also write about technology in general, books and topics related to science. I am also a freelance writer with over 3 years of writing high-quality, SEO optimized content for the web. I have written for startups, websites, and universities all across the globe. Get in Touch! We can discuss more.