Data & AI – IBM Developer Conference, November 2020

Developers all around the world are building amazing apps powered by AI and many more who want to build such apps. The IBM developer conference is all about Data and AI. It’s free and taking place online for Developers, architects, data scientists, and data engineers. You have an opportunity to explore the challenges faced when working with data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning neural networks.

The conference is going to showcase the capabilities of AI through a series of talks, keynotes, and hands-on workshops. Online badges will also be provided based on the completion of workshops. As we know how popular online badges are getting due to them being a sharable, industry-recognizable form of achievement. Through this event, you can get yours for free!

IBM Developer Conference – November 2020

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What is the Conference About?

Through this conference, you will be able to learn from industry experts on how to build AI-based applications. It’s an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of data science and machine learning. Speakers will also talk about how these AI core apps are integrated into their business with trust and security, and how you can start to do the same.

Experts from the industry and IBM Research will talk about open-source technologies and the development and usage of neural networks and deep learning in general. You will also learn the industry’s best practices when building your own ML-based applications as well.

The 4 Tracks at the IBM Developer Conference

There are 4 amazing tracks to look out for at the conference.

  1. AI In Production – If you are a developer using AI, you know how difficult it gets to use the app in production and there are many challenges to overcome. In this track, you will be able to learn architecture design, and the tools required to take your apps to production. It includes talks and workshops geared towards companies who have implemented it successfully and how you can go about doing the same.
  2. Hands-On Labs – If you are like me, then you will mostly be learning as you do things. The hands-on Labs provide a series of workshops related to data cleansing and building AI pipelines. Soe of the labs goes deep into explaining specific use cases like threat detection and how to build a solution for it.
  3. Data and AI Essential Course –  It’s a condensed version of our popular end-to-end AI course, covering the complete AI ladder. Earn a badge while having hands-on experience with the end-to-end Data Science & Artificial Intelligence workflow using IBM Cloud Pak for Data.
  4. Data Competition and Open Source – Open source mentality has been the key driving factor for the growth in ML technologies. This track consists of tasks on using the technologies correctly and securely.

There is so much to learn from some of the best in this industry and I am really excited about this event! I hope to see you there as well!
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