3 Amazing Raspberry Pi 3 model B projects

The popularity behind Raspberry pi 3 model B projects is due to the upgraded hardware on the device. It now comes with a wifi module, a quad-core CPU, and 1 GB of RAM. This makes the Pi much more powerful than its predecessors. Another factor for the rise in popularity is its low price. Do you own a Raspberry Pi ? or are you planning to get one?  in either case, you can try at least one these cool projects. So without Further ado, let’s jump right in.

Raspberry Pi 3 model B projects

1. Music Streamer

Raspberry pi 3 model b projects
Image Source: Taylor Martin/CNET

You can build a music streaming device using a Raspberry Pi. This works much like a Chromecast Audio Streaming device. This is a cool project when you have a huge collection of music that you want to have with you all the time. To help you with building such a project, a highly optimized OS called the Pi Music Box OS exists. This along with a good set of speakers and your music collection, you are all set to build your own streaming service.

The end result will be a web-based control panel through which you can control, view, play music, and other playlists. You will also be able to connect to other services like Spotify. Isn’t that be cool? Check out the detailed tutorial on building a music Streamer with Raspberry Pi.

2. Raspberry Pi Radio

raspberry pi 3 model b projects
Image Source: Makezine

You can turn your Raspberry Pi into a radio transmitter ( FM Transmitter). The best part about this project is that apart from the Raspberry PI, all you need is a piece of wire to make the Radio.

Imagine having a radio transmitter with you wherever you go. Imagine building multiple of these with your friends and forming a network. Well, it’s really cool to have something that you would have built yourself. You can choose which band you want to broadcast your tunes and that’s it, you are now Radio DJ. isn’t that amazing?   You can head over to Makezine Article on building “PiRate, the Raspberry Pi Radio transmitter” article. It gives you step by step instructions on building one.

3. File Storage Server

Raspberry pi 3 model b projects
Image Source: Taylor Martin/CNET

I must say that this is one of the most useful Raspberry Pi 3 model B projects. Picture this, “You have loads of files. your docs, presentations, papers, videos and audios and much more. Many of them you wouldn’t want to store on cloud services like DropBox or One Drive, etc. You might have run out of space to store on them and you feel that you need access to your file where ever you are”.

If you have ever felt this way, then building a file storage server with your Raspberry Pi will help you a lot. Once setup, say at your home, you will be able to access all your files from anywhere around the world. You aren’t restricted by the size of the files. Just attach your Hard Drive and you get 1 TB of storage which is accessible to only you from anywhere you are. These type of devices are also called the Network Storage Devices and this article by HowTo Geek gives you step by step tutorial on this project.

My Experience

Among all the cool Raspberry Pi 3 model B projects, I haven’t put up the one which I had made. My project was the Raspberry Pi cluster.  It was my final year and we built it using Raspberry pi 2 Model B+ which had single core processor. We faced a lot of errors while building this Raspberry pi supercomputer but eventually, we figured all out and completed it successfully. We also implemented a muti-document summarization algorithm in a distributed environment. Python ( My favorite language) was used for the Implementation.

Have you ever got a chance to work with the Raspberry Pi? What project did you take up? We would love to hear.

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