Challenges of moving abroad for studies: can there be a hassle free way?

Everyone would have had a moment in their lives where they dreamed about moving abroad. It might have been their parents’ advice or see people around who went abroad for higher studies. It might have been the stories of people in renowned universities where brilliant professors share knowledge and students get to do innovative things. It could have also been the career opportunities that might have opened post-graduation. But converting that dream to a reality is not easy, the road for such a journey has various challenges lined up for one to complete and move forward.

What are those challenges that one might have to face?

  • Tests and exams – One have to clear all the test or exam the university or company would want a candidate to clear.
  • Finance- One has to ensure that they have enough funds to move abroad. For Indians, it’s a very big expense.
  • Documents- One has to apply for the visa, apply/renew the passport and we know it’s not easy to get them.
  • Governance- One must study the countries rules and regulation of the county they planned to move to, because the rules won’t be the same everywhere.
  • Acceptance – the university has to accept the candidate or the company must accept the professional.
  • Hospitality – find a place to live in a good community where people are ready to accept you.
  • Comfort zone – one will have to get adjusted to the food, the weather, the social groups etc.

Those were the various challenges that one is aware of but there might be few more that might arise as the time passes by like the laws of the country may change, the visa rules might change, the environment for an immigrant to live there might vary. These factors make moving abroad a tedious task and at time difficult.

Out of all those, the most important one is to crack all the tests one has to mandatorily clear in order to be able to go for higher studies.

Now speaking specifically about the Test, is nothing but the English Language Test. English is the language spoken all around the world and one need be very good at it, especially if you are moving to European or American countries. Now if you are student and you are trying to apply to a foreign university, they not only see how well you have done in academics but also see how good you are in English language, which means no matter how smart you are, if you are not good at English language, you will not be able to get admitted to any English Speaking university. The same thing applies if you are trying for a job, the employee not only sees your work experience but also how good you are in the English language. Apart from these, even for a student visa, one should be proficient in English and provide the test results while applying.

Exams like TOEFL and IELTS are meant for students who are wanting to study in English speaking universities, whereas exams like TOEIC, OPI and OPIC are meant for people who want to work in foreign companies abroad. These English tests are not easy to crack and they are conducted only in few selected places, and also one has to register one week before the test date. Sometimes due to uncertain circumstances, one might not be able to write on that particular date. Yes, rescheduling is possible but that has to be done 4 days before the test date. Wouldn’t it be better if one could register for an English language test just a day before the exam date?

Luckily now Pearson India has taken the initiative to help the candidate aspiring to move abroad by proving easy and convenient English test with PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic), it is a computer-based language test that lets candidates show their English language skills for university, professional and migration applications.


The best part is that the candidate can schedule test up to 24hrs in advance. This is #DefinitelyPTE advantage for anyone taking it up.  PTE Academic scores against the Global Scale of English, a granular scale from 10-90, and they are well aligned with IELTS and TOFEL scores, and so now if a university has not set their score requirements for the PTE Academics Test, which most universities have already done, then PTE Academic had a score alignment data, which will give you the equivalent score of PTE Academic test in terms of TOFEL and IELTS score.

What are Benefits of taking PTE Academic test?

  • Scheduling is fast and flexible
  • The test gets completed in a three ours session
  • The test is scored by computer so there is no bias
  • Abundance of Test Centers
  • Candidates can send their scores to an unlimited number of universities or companies  
  • They take only five business days to announce the results
  • Accepted for study applications by thousands of institutions worldwide
  • Accepted by an increasing number of professional bodies.
  • They have PTE Preparation Course

Now talking about the Universities which accept the test score and Preparation Courses,
Prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University, and Imperial College London accept PTE Academic Score, apart from that 100% of Australian, New Zealand, and Irish universities, 96% of UK universities and a growing number of universities in the USA and Canada are accepting PTE Academic Score.

Coming to preparations Courses, Pearson provides Preparation packages so that candidates can prepare well by becoming familiar with the test format and learn how to tackle questions correctly. So they basically have free preparation materials, preparation books, test preparation courses and advanced preparation courses.

These advanced preparation courses are online Preparation packages, student can choose from Online sample questions, Scored practice tests, Silver test preparation kit, Gold test preparation kit, Platinum test preparation kit based on once strength and weakness. Unless one is extraordinary, it is hard to crack any exam without preparation, so it’s always better to be ready when you are facing an exam.

Thus it is clear that PTE Academic is a very good option to take English Language Test if one is planning to move abroad.  With this at least once challenge of moving to abroad can be faced easily. In my opinion, its #DefinitelyPTE.

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