How businesses can leverage AI without losing the human touch

Automation has been part and parcel of the modern workplace. We no longer have to rely on antiquated items such as phones to “talk” to people—we can simply email them. We don’t have to see people in person in order to build a community around our products or service—we can reach out to them on the internet and social media platforms. And there are countless tasks that the smart capabilities machines have are already doing for us.

But many people are worried about the cost of all that Artificial Intelligence , or AI. They worry that we will no longer connect by anything but machines. However, AI holds the possibility for much good in our daily lives and in our work. It may be able to help us be more productive and creative, and connect in ways we never thought possible. This graphic offers a few ideas to consider when it comes to AI.

How to Leverage A.I. Without Losing Your Humanity

Via Salesforce

If you are interested in learning more about learning AI, be sure to check out this introduction to machine learning.

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