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I have always been fascinated by photographs that stunningly capture the beauty on Earth. Be it nature, people, or animals, I love to see a moment captured. Looking at them, I felt like capturing similar ones myself. I was looking at a way to start exploring my interest. This introduced me to mobile photography.

In today’s world of smartphones with powerful cameras, people need not rely on expensive DSLRs and it’s expensive accessories to take good pictures. There are world famous mobile photographers that capture mesmerizing photographs of people and surroundings. I wanted to know how they are able to achieve that with their phones.

This search lead me to a mobile photography course: “Mobile Photography: beautiful educational story ”

About the Instructor

This course has been produced by a private firm called Amlab in collaboration with a well-known mobile photographer from Ukraine, Sergei Sarakhanov. He is known for portrait and nature mobile photography around the globe.

Mobile Photography Course – Details and Review

The first thing I need to put forth is that this is not a complete beginner’s course. It does not teach the basics of photography like exposure, ISO, shutter speeds, etc. The course itself very different from the traditional way concepts are structured for teaching.

The entirety of this course is based on a road trip taken by the film crew and the instructor. It explores various locations, lightings, and scenarios that cover a variety of concepts in mobile photography. The instructor shares every little detail on what he is looking for to take the perfect shot. He takes the students through the complete journey of identifying objects, observing the light, and much more.

His reasoning behind the settings used to take photographs is very clear and easy to replicate. Concepts such as exposure settings, symmetry, the light falling on the subject are some of the topics that are emphasized multiple times to make sure the students understand its importance.

I loved the way he explains the process behind taking photographs. But the thing that I loved the most was the way in which he decides if a photograph is good or bad.

When we take photographs, there are many things that we tend to ignore that prevents us from taking photographs that are beautiful. We are unaware of some of the tricks that we can employ in mobile photography that brings in an element of uniqueness in our photographs.  For example, when we visit tourist places, most of the time, it is very crowded and we aren’t able to take good pictures with an iconic monument in the background.  Through this course, I realized that using motion blur, I would be able to remove most traces of people in the background and take good pictures.

This is just one of the examples, but there are numerous such tricks that instantly makes you a better photographer than most of the smartphone users.

It’s a complete course!

This is a complete course on mobile photography. The reason I say this is because this course not only covers the most important topics on mobile photography, it also delves into the procedure of post-processing. The instructor takes in numerous examples and explains how they can be processed to make them look much better.

He explains the various smartphone apps that we can use to post-process the image and get stunning results. This post-processing includes things that teach us how to rectify few mistakes that are committed while taking the photographs.  So, not only did this course teach me great concepts in an amazing way, it provided me with a set of tools that will help me transform my image and make it look better.

You can head over to the course section of Mobile Photography: beautiful educational story to view the various topics covered and look at other student’s review of this course.

This is an amazing mobile photography course out there. I have learned a lot from it and I am able to capture some good images. After taking this course, I have started to take many pictures, processing them and trying to take better photographs. I have added a gallery below to share some of the images that I have captured. I hope you like it!

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  • July 9, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    Thank you so much for this review.
    We’ve found it by accident and it’s so pleasant to read your kind words.

    My name is Alex and I was one of the team members who created this course from the ground up. If you know how to make this course better or just wanna chat write me on facebook: or telegram:

    • July 10, 2018 at 10:22 am

      Hi Alex, it’s my pleasure. The course helped me a lot to learn a lot of new things about mobile photography. I like the course a lot as I can watch it again and make sure I grasp the techniques and tricks.


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