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“Privacy is a myth!”

This is what most people are saying when asked about their privacy. Governments, private organizations, hackers and many other powerful entities are making sure that privacy is almost non-existent. Let’s call all these entities as data seekers.

Data seekers, as the name suggests, collect all your transactional data, personal information, your online browsing, online purchasing and spending patterns and start to use it to push more content, products, or sell your data to third parties.

They benefit from doing the above-mentioned things as it keeps their fortune growing.

In today’s time of mass privacy leaks, there are groups of people trying to reclaim their privacy and making sure that privacy is something that is as real as you and me.

This is no easy task when facing gigantic corporations with vested interest in making more wealth with your personal information.

I have come across and become a part of an amazing community of people from all around the world who are pushing to bring back privacy back into our lives in a way that we know best. Currencies!

Transactions have become one of the most fundamental concepts in our lives. Our whole life revolves around it as we buy and sell goods and services.

Verge Currency is here to make sure that our transactional privacy isn’t compromised. Simply put, we are the most privacy-focused coin in the world right now.

Why Transaction Privacy?

If you are one of those people wondering, “why do we need privacy with respect to transactions?”, then here is what you need to know.

Many companies keep track of what we spend on and how much we spend. Based on transactional data, they profile each one of us regarding our spending habits, our preferences, our affordability, etc.

This data which is collected can then be used by them to sell us more products, or even worse, sell this data to third person parties who can then promote their products based on our behavior.

This also makes us vulnerable to people with malicious intents who can use this data to trap us into buying things we like and stealing our credentials in the process.

As you can imagine, if these organizations had no clue who was transacting, our privacy would be intact, without having to worry about that getting into the wrong hands or being used in an unjust manner.

What’s Verge Coin?

In one line, Verge is the only 100% untraceable coin in the world!

Verge Coin is a future-proof currency that is completely focussed on providing you full privacy when it comes to online transactions.

It is designed for everyday use and ready for mass adoption. There is a huge community out there ready to help you get started using it or investing in it. I am a part of the community, and it’s phenomenal.

Not only is it suitable for individual use, it is capable of handling very large transactions making it ideal for handling transactions between merchants and businesses.

Key features:

  • Completely Privacy Focused.
  • Community Driven and latest technologies are always being implemented to make it secure and highly scalable.
  • Fully Opensource. The entire codebase is available on Github.
  • Highly scalable and Superfast. This makes it ready for mass adoption.
  • It’s not just another coin, it’s being built as a platform of choice. You get to chose who can see your data.

It’s way better than Bitcoin

Most people know only Bitcoin and nothing else in the world of cryptocurrency. Though the awareness of altcoins is spreading, it isn’t fast enough.

However, coming to the point, “VERGE IS MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN BITCOIN“. Please do register this in your mind.

Verge has a significant amount of improvements over Bitcoin. I can say this with  confidence, for the following reasons:

  1. Verge Obfuscates IP address. As you might know, your online presence can be tracked using your IP addresses and Bitcoin, does not obfuscate it. So the IP address from which a transaction was initiated, can be found out.
  2. Verge Provides Mobile Privacy. Making use of the secure TOR network, all your transactions are made anonymous by Verge. The Verge Coin wallet for Android is just awesome. I highly recommend you to try it.
  3. The maximum number of Bitcoins that can be in circulation is 21 million. Verge, on the other hand, has 16 billion coins that can be in circulation. This makes verge perfect to be adopted in masses.
  4. Verge can handle 100 transactions per second making it super fast. Do you know how many transactions Bitcoin can handle? Just 5 per second!
  5. Finally, Bitcoin, as of now has 10 minutes transaction approval time. For Verge, it takes only 30 seconds.

These key features of Verge Coin make it far more superior as a cryptocurrency.

Time and again, Verge has proven to protect the privacy of the people who use it and I believe in it completely.

Just a while ago, there another privacy focus coin failed to live up to the expectations. An account was opened on Twitter that showed the IP addresses of the people who transacted with that coin. Things like this are never possible with Verge Coin.

The Awesome Tech Stuff

wraith protocol verge coin

The differentiating factor for Verge Currency is the tech and the amazing team maintaining it.

Verge is soon coming out with a protocol that will allow you to decide if you want to transact on a public or a private ledger on the same blockchain.

This feature will allow you to toggle between public and private ledger. So, for all the transactions that you want to disclose publically, you can choose it to be on the public ledger, with you having the missing pieces to fetch the transaction history.

However, if you want a stealth mode investment to be made and want it to be non-existent, you chose the private ledger.

Since this is possible on the same blockchain, it is very convenient for you to perform any kind of transaction.

This protocol is called the Wraith Protocol and with its release on November 6th, 2017, Verge currency will become the Only 100% Untraceable Currency in the World.

You can know more about the wraith Protocol and its awesomeness on the official Wraith website.


Verge coin is not a coin you need but a coin you deserve!

Verge has started a revolution and it’s gaining momentum. We need your help for it to reach the masses and take it to the next level.

The team has made sure that it is ready to take on the biggest challenges thrown at it and all we need now is for you to start using it.

Check out the Verge Coin official website.

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