Compilation of websites providing creative commons images

These are a few websites which provide images for personal/commercial use and have no copyrights associated with them. That is, they provide free images ( well known as creative commons licensed images).

1.  – a website with high-def images  to choosefrom around 25 different categories.

2.  – another website with a great collection of high-def images from all kinds of categories.

3.  –  This is an image search engines but modified to find Images which are free to use for commercial purposes. (Once you search for an image, click on “creative commons” button on left menu)

4.  –  This provides a search engine where you can specify where to search the free images from. For example, you can choose the images to be searched by pixabay or Google images or from other different sources. Not only images but it can also search for other types of media like videos.

5.  – Flikr has a huge user base who have uploaded images under the creative commons licence and can be searched and used from here.

6. – a great website that has more focus on Abstract and nature related Images. They update the pictures weekly.

7. – Unsplash provides  10 free Stunningly beautiful High-def images every day for anyone to use.

8. – this is mainly for people in the food/restaurant industry .

9.  – this website provides various patterns based on topic. These are images that provide a subtle backgrounds to websites

10. – these provide vintage images and pictures of posters. They are free to use, however, not all are of high resolutions.

11. – regestering to this website, gives you monthly access to some great free imges.


The following websites have  limited number images with them. That is, they are limited by categories, and numbers but all are free and most of them are beautiful.




Source : Bangalore starups , Medium

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