Demat Account: An Angel Broking Experience

There was a time when financial investments were limited to a specific set of audience, mostly professionals. But, over the years the trend has seen a change. The array of the audience investing in mutual funds, bonds, and other financial assets has widened. With the increasing education about such investment opportunities, the common man has taken the initiative to delve deeper and understand the process.

Despite such response, many people have queries related to Demat and why is a demat account the best option. So today, we look at how is a Demat account the most appropriate option for any investor. More importantly, what makes opening a Demat account with Angel Broking one of the better options.

What is Demat?

According to Wikipedia, “A Dematerialized account number is quoted for all transactions to enable electronic settlements of trades to take place. Every shareholder will have a Dematerialized account to transact.”

In simple terms, a Demat is to your holdings what a bank account is for your money. The only difference is that the Demat account holds all information for your financial investments. This includes Mutual Funds, shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), government securities and bonds.

How does Demat work?

Demat works like any other transactional exchange, the only difference being the nature of the transactions. Unlike physical trading, all the operations are electronic. But, it is important to link your trading and Demat account so that every order placed through is forwarded to the Demat and reflects in the holdings statement.

What are the advantages of a Demat and why Angel Broking?

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Handling issues

The most fundamental aspect of handling has been overcome with the angel broking services. With the physical format, the share documents had to be sent to the Registrar. This lead to misplacement of the papers or sometimes resulted in damaged documents. These damaged papers held no value and were usually rejected. This was a significant challenge which no longer exists due to the involvement of the Demat.

Bad Deliveries

In addition to this, bad deliveries were another major challenge. Most brokers had a dedicated team to handle bad deliveries. These were usually caused due to errors in name, identity, signatures and order mismatch. Angel Broking has simplified the process and demolished the physical factor from the process.

Automation of the Process

With an angel broking Demat account, the process of account credit has been simplified. Unlike physical transactions and record keeping, every corporation such as dividend distribution and bonus dispersion and splits is automatically updated into the demat account. Even the bank accounts automatically get the dividend funds.

Centralizing the process

A demat account is the one point contact for all your trading accounts. Previously, any communication such as change of address and preferences had to be individually passed on to each trading company. With a demat, the entire data come under one roof. Contacting the Demat broker is the simple solution to such changes in all accounts.

The odd lot problem

Tackling this problem has engaged a lot more small-time investors into the process of investing. With the odd lot problem, the sale of shares would be carried in fixed lots such as 50 or 100. This discouraged a lot of small investors from investing in large company stocks. Angel broking demat has changed the game and made it possible to purchase single shares. Small investor friendly, this has revolutionized the number of participants.

Cost cutting

The demat format has helped cut costs for the company, the broker and the investor. The removal of physical processing has cut down on the delivery charges for the companies and reduced stress on the environment too. For the brokers, a decrease in lousy delivery rate has helped him save resources and money from the dedicated team. As an investor, you keep on the stamp duty costs since Demat does not require any. Overall, the with Angel broking Demat, the process has been simplified in execution and costing.

The online experience

With the entire processing of a Demat being online, the scope for duplicity is down to zero due to the centralized digital recording of the transactions. Besides, the interlinking of accounts through net banking and trading accounts has simplified the process of buying and purchasing shares. It offers a seamless experience. Online activation has also enabled IPOs to be sold on the day of its launch, unlike the earlier days.

Try and Experience it

Angel Broking offers the best services with their online Demat account enabling the investor to have everything at the click of a button. It is the modern day solution to all your trading problems and should be the first towards a successful trading portfolio.

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