How is AI doing today?

Everything is Connected

It may sound like a motivational message from a religious speech, but it actually refers to something much more realistic and palpable — the connection of different technological areas through the Internet.

With the development of the Internet and AI, the ongoing fourth industrial revolution will surely go into overdrive and change our world, hopefully for the better. And this may happen sooner than you think.

Where There Is Will, There Is Success

And there is a lot of will to develop things further. You will hardly find a big company that is not currently investing to a certain extent in AI. Many intelligent machines today are developed to process large quantities of data, which would take years for humans to accomplish. What’s more, the same machines make decisions based on those analyses.

This is already impacting our everyday lives. In addition to smart buildings, smart devices, smart banking systems, and so on, AI’s impact on the job market will be enormous. How exactly?

Considering the amount of data that is regularly being transferred around across many different businesses and industries, and the need for someone to analyze all of those information, it becomes clear that mankind needs a new, powerful solution that will manage these tasks. This is where AI comes into into play.

Consider this: a smart city requires a lot of energy to run smoothly. No human can possibly manage energy allocation on city level, but an advanced AI with access to all data might. Now, think about pollution, traffic, parking, etc. Many aspects of our lives could be changed by the AI influence.

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest developing fields in the modern world. And according to an infographic we found at TechJury, it can be expected to increase in value in almost 4000%. So, AI programming might become a regular job in 20 years.

Who’s Leading The Race For Self-awareness?

Most of the people in the world today are not aware of just how far AI research has advanced. But that will change soon when AI begin influencing our world on a day-to-day basis. This is not surprising when you take into consideration that some of the world’s largest companies are investing heavily in AI research.

The frontrunner is Deepmind, a company in London, UK specializing in AI research. They are followed closely by Google and Facebook, with both companies seeing massive potential of AI being used in various aspects of their business.

In the top 10 list are, of course, tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, and IBM. When you know that those three are investing in developing the same technology, you know it’s important. As for countries, the U.S. is leading with 10 billion dollars being invested in AI development, but China is rapidly closing the gap. China’s Baidu is number 4 on the list of companies with best AI development, and a number of AI patents in China grew almost exponentially over the last five years.

There Is Still Time, But Not That Much

If you are one of those people who’s scared of doomsday that might be caused by an AI, you can stop worrying, at least for a while. We are still far away from a true sentient AI that is capable of feeling, making complex decisions, and possibly taking over the world, despite what Hollywood tells you. But you might see some of the stuff from sci-fi movies in everyday life sooner than you think.


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