IBM Developer Day 2019: Why you mustn’t miss it!

Last year, I attended the IBM Code day and it gave me a glimpse of the future! This year, I am extremely excited to attend the developer’s day being held in Bangalore on the 14th of March.

Last year, I got to learn some of the powerful tools being built by IBM like the neural Network visual builder, I got to experience the power of IBM computing through VR simulations. I got to hear from the industry leaders on where the technologies are headed in the near future.

For Developer’s day 2019, IBM is focusing on Cloud, AI and Blockchain. Developer’s day is all about the latest developments in the IT industry and inclusion of all. Frontend engineers, dev ops experts, backend engineers, and data science enthusiasts all gather at one place to learn, experience and share the expertise with one another.

One thing that gets me excited more (which would to you as well) is that IBM is providing tremendous support to Open Source technologies. And from the looks of it, this is the main theme for this event. With a lot of experts and leaders in the open source space joining the event, I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with them.

Here are some of the awesome things you will get to experience should you chose to attend the IBM Developer’s Day event.

  1. Tech Talks: A lot of interesting talks such as Microservices and their related security and challenges, how to achieve Trusted AI, and the world of optimization problems. I’m looking forward to the talk on Generative Adversarial networks ( the type of neural networks researchers are using to generate new Pokemon). Hyperledger is a blockchain which has perfected blockchains for non-financial use cases and I am looking forward to the talks on those as well.
  2. Hands on Workshops: There are a bunch of workshops that address some powerful IBM technologies as well as some of the most popular Open source technologies. Topics include deployment with kubernates, asset scrutinization with blockchain and more.
  3. Interactions with the experts: At the end of each session we attend, we get to have a Q&A session, more like the AMA sessions on Reddit.
  4. Code Labs: IBM Code Cafe is a series of mini code labs aimed for people to have a quick coding session on building some niche applications. The labs include some upcoming technologies like:
    1. Serverless architecture for image classifications
    2. Node JS SDKs for interacting with the hyperledger blockchain
    3. Building mini-application on the blockchain with smart contracts.
    4. Exploring AI with IBM Watson and more.

I am also looking forward to the games evening along with the experience zone which has some of the most interesting projects built using IBM technologies.

If you are interested in participating, you can find more details on the IBM Developer’s Day Page.

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