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Python Django – What’s it all about?

Django is a Python web framework which can be used to build scalable web applications rapidly! Note that “rapidly” is the keyword here. It’s an open source framework that has the power to get an application running in minutes. This includes both the backend and the frontend. Python Django Seems interesting, doesn’t it?

Many people who ask me about Django, always bring up the topic of Python being slow. It isn’t. Django is fast, secure, and scalable. Django developers claim that using this framework, they can get an application from concept to reality in hours. The exact phrases they use to describe the framework are “Ridiculously Fast”, “Reassuringly secure”, “Exceedingly scalable” and more. Here is a list of popular sites that use Django as their framework.

  1. Instagram
  2. Pinterest
  3. National Geographic
  4. Disqus
  5. Mozilla and many more.

The Django Architecture

The Django framework follows the MVC architecture. You have to create models, bind it with the views and serve the HTTP requests. Python Django has multiple connectors so that it is operable with various databases.

python Django

Python Django comes with scripts to perform most of the tasks. This way, you can focus on building the app and not setting up the application environment The “template” engine in Django will help you to create a generic HTML page that can be customized and dynamically populated with the required values before serving it to the browser.

The URL dispatcher takes care of all the routing within the application and also works with the caching engine to use the cache efficiently.

Getting Started

There are two ways you get started with learning and working with Python Django. The first way is where you start with the front end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then move on to python and using these with the Django framework. The second way is wherein you directly jump into Django

1) Learning Python Django End to End

I hadn’t used this approach and I wish I did. Like I mentioned earlier, this process involves learning everything related to web development, that is becoming a full stack developer. I found this course on Udemy which teaches everything about Django. It is an amazing course and has tons of information. Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp is the course. You can use a few coupon codes “JULY15UDEMY” or GROUPONUDEMY” or “UJ1L202” which you can use to get up to 95% off. This reduces the price to just $10.

This course takes you from HTML to CSS and then JS, before diving into python and Django itself. So, you can start from absolute scratch and go to the master level, in just one course. This is why I love it and I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Django.

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2) Learning Core Django Concepts

Now you may not be willing to go for that, it’s fine! Not the end of the world. There are tons of great resources that you find for free of cost. The first place you want to look is the Django documentation and tutorials.

Years ago, when I had started with this, I was able to follow along with the official start-up guide and get a website up and running. It was fully functional and it was complete in less than an hour. But the main issue was that I didn’t know how a particular command can generate an entire application and it was like magic to me. I spent a lot of time figuring it out. You can save that much of time by enrolling in any course that you are comfortable with or buy a book that explains in detail how such amazing framework performs and create applications.

What do you feel about Django? let me know in the comments below.

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