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This blog was started with an intention to share knowledge in the technical/ technology space.

It was built to help people learn about various technical concepts. I wanted to make complex concepts simpler so that anyone interested can understand it easily.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported me in making this blog a huge success.

It has grown from being a tutorial blog to a source of great content in various fields. The section below will help you discover the amazing content the blog has to provide. Click on a topic that you like!

Discover SourceDexter

  • Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world right now. From building web-applications to writing scripts to performing complex machine learning tasks, Python is highly preferred. 

    Discover Great Python resources from web-frameworks to tutorials on various programming constructs in Python. Head over to the Python Section

  • Machine Learning involves teaching a machine to identify patterns and solving problems often done by humans. Tasks such as identifying anomalies, keeping a track on Objects, understanding what a person is saying and much more. 

    Sourcedexter has some great articles on Machine learning for both beginners and advanced. Explore topics like Tensorlflow, Natural language processing, image classification and more in the Machine Learning Section

  • The past year has seen a tremendous hype about the various cryptocurrencies. We saw billionaires being made overnight and some going into bankruptcy. It showed us the most horrifying volatility yet an opportunity to make a lot of money. 

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have potential to disrupt many things that we do today and that essence has not reached the people. Sourcedexter’s goal in the cryptocurrency sector is to educate people on what is out there and help them make an informed decision. Know more about the Cryptocurrency world on SourceDexter. 

  • Sharing knowledge has been the number one goal of Sourcedexter from the beginning. In this section, you can explore a variety of resources that can help to gain more knowledge. This section consists of Online Courses on various topics such as Machine Learning, Python Programming, UI technologies, etc.  

    You can also find book reviews and research articles on the impact of technology on humans. Head over to the Educational Section on Sourcedexter.


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